Redemption Song | Playing For Change

This song and video is from a ongoing global collaboration of film makers and gifted artists from all corners of the world. The songs include many classics which are get pumped up with fresh fresh breath and inspired energy. The artists participating seem to be not widely known.

The project is called Playing for Change and the record is titled "PFC2: Songs Around the World". This is their second record. This video is just one of twenty songs on this record. This version of "Redemption Song" performed around the world was in honor of Bob Marley's birthday.

Playing For Change - Redemption Song

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The World Is Praying For Etta James

The most under rated soul singer in the world, Etta James, is very ill with a combination of leukemia, Hepatitis C and other condition. Doctors have labeled her condition as terminal.

Fans from around the world are saying their prayers in hopes of a miracle that can turn her health around.

Every time I hear her voice, it kills me. Songs like "I'd Rather Go Blind" is so superb that there are few words or descriptions that can do her work justice. Her brand of soul is pure perfection and raw emotion. GC

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind

Etta James - I Just Wanna Make Love To You


Posted by Gregory J. Chamberlain

This girl is the real deal. Warner Music has their act together, here.

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The Veronicas

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Thank you to Daneen Wrigley of Montreal Canada for recommending these videos by The Veronicas.

Untouched by The Veronicas

Cold by The Veronicas - Filmed live at The Viper Room in Hollywood California in 2011

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Trixie Whitley with Black Dub - I'd Rather Go Blind

A great emerging singer, musician and songwriter is Trixie Whitley, who has a solo career, but is also on the team of the legendary artist/producer/songwriter Daniel Lanois and his Black Dub project. This song below, written by Trixie, is entitled I'd Rather Go Blind. The song is no relation to the Etta James song by the same name, although Whitley has a lot of soul. GC

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