About MusicLoad

Greg Chamberlain started MusicLoad beginning in 1999. "MusicLoad" was the handle or user name that Chamberlain used on music websites and forums such as the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA.Com), and later on MP3.Com, Music.Download.Com, MySpace, YouTube and similar websites.

MusicLoad dug through and handpicked mostly unknown independent songs from those websites and the picks turned into MusicLoad playlists that became popular. MusicLoad.Com was soon registered in January 2000 and it's own stand alone site was born, making MusicLoad.Com the "Original" MusicLoad around the world. Accept no bogus imitations!

MusicLoad.Com continues to to attract music lovers from every country in the world as it continues it's tradition of featuring an eclectic array of handpicked music from all international regions and localities.

Marianna Villanueva is the assistant editor, fact checker, photo clearance officer, social network overseer and song researcher for MusicLoad and The Indies Network.