Cool videos to AWOLNATION's now classic song titled Sail

The strong legs of The LA based electronic rock band AWOLNATION's song titled Sail have amazed me. The music and the band has continuously grown it's audience at least partially due to the third party, fan made videos.

Long before ever viewing the official video to Sail by AWOLNATION. I saw the short film "Grinding The Crack" by the flying man known as Jeb Corliss. And no, Grinding The Crack is not pornography. In Corliss' films, he jumps off a cliffs and out of planes to fly through the sky. In Grinding the Crack, he flies through a crack in a mountain top. He can fly and land like Rocky in Rocky & Bullwinkle. Whilst Jeb Corliss' now classic video is my favorite one using the song Sail, other fan made videos are pretty darned cool too, and so is the official band produced video. Enjoy!

Unofficial Music Video by Jeb Corliss and his film Grinding The Crack

Official Music Video by AWOLNATION for their song titled Sail

Unofficial Music Video by Nanalew a.k.a. Shawna using the AWOLNATION song titled Sail

Unofficial Music Video by Alex Yde of France featuring dancer Arthur Cadre

And... typically loathe covers... but Lizzy Land does it cool.

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