Fever Ray (The Music Videos)

MusicLoad presents Fever Ray and the music videos for When I Grow Up, If I Had A Heart and Keep The Streets Empty For Me

In 2009, a Swedish recording artist named Karin Dreijer, who had already been in two bands, The Knife and Honey Is Cool, decided to release her own record under a new persona, calling herself Fever Ray. Track #2 off that 2009 debut album was titled When I Grow Up. It has a special mystique that may capitave you. The music video was directed by Martin De Thurah. Enjoy!

Fever Ray - When I Grow Up

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart

Fever Ray - Keep The Streets Empty for Me

Connect direct with Fever Ray at FeverRay.Com, Instagram.com/feverray, Twitter.com/feverray, Facebook.com/FeverRay and Soundcloud.com/fever-ray

Connect direct with Martin De Thurah at Facebook.com/Martin-de-Thurah-260017128699

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