Bonnie Raitt is back :)

My friend Mike Finnigan, the legendary Hammond B3 player and super soul/blues/gospel vocalist, posted to FB that Bonnie Raitt is back in action. They just performed on Ellen yesterday and Bonnie and the band sound as fantastic as ever.

Bonnie Raitt - Right Down The Line

Had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Raitt once, in the back of a beer pub on the Santa Monica Pier as the fantastic Teresa James performed with her band The Rhythm Tramps. Turned out Bonnie is a big fan of Teresa James. Teresa has that intangible elusive thing, a sound and a twang that is undeniable. That's why Bonnie was there. Connect with Bonnie Raitt at BonnieRaitt.Com

Here is a nice taste of Teresa James that is a live performance of my favorite song from one of Teresa's albums titled The Whole Enchilada, which I highly recommend buying. It's fantastic! When I close my eyes and listen to this song, especially the studio version, it just takes me away. This live take took place at Delbert McClinton's Sandy Beaches Cruise #12. Turn it up, click play, close your eyes and enjoy! Peace Love Groove, GC

Teresa James - Love Is For All Time

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And... BTW.... Speaking of Mike Finnigan, never ever get tired of hearing this recording that Mike made decades ago. The song is Hard Times, which was written by Ray Charles. It sure has a place in the right here, right now, for so many impoverished people in the world who are down on their luck. This is another song to just close your eyes to, however, the subtitled story at the end is a nice story about how Ray Charles reacted to hearing Mike cover Ray's song. Apparently, Ray Charles thought Mike Finnigan had put more heart and soul into playing and singing Hard Times than Ray himself had put into it. That says a lot right there.

Mike Finnigan - Hard Times

and just found this great rare unreleased recording of Mike singing one of the greatest classics from the heart of the civil rights movement in the United States, if not one of the greatest classics of all time. Mike once told me, in a Facebook thread, about how he was playing with black artists during that era when this song was written. He spoke of the hatred that some had... the racism. Mike feels this music, for he was there. It's not just a pretty song.

Mike Finnigan w/ Bill Lynch - A Change Is Gonna Come

And, this is amazing! Shows what a blues prince Mike Finnigan really is.

Mike Finnigan and The Serfs - Evil Days

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