Happy Birthday to Jova Radevska

The music of Jova Radevska from the Republic of Macedonia in the Balkins was featured here on the front page of MusicLoad before the blog was moved here. Totally fell in love with her sweet voice upon first listen of her track titled Se Raduvam i Taguvam, and had a phone conversation with her from London, where she presently resides. She was a delight to speak with. Wondered what language she was singing and eventually learned it was Macedonian, of course. Much of her music she is working on, however, is in English. She is a sweetheart. I love her spirit. - Peace Love Groove, GC

Jova Radevska - Se Raduvam i Taguvam (lyrics in Macedonian)

Jova Radevska - Growing Pains (lyrics in English)

Jova Radevska - Here And Gone (lyrics in English)

Jova Radevska - Litlle Bird (lyrics in English)

Jova Radevska - Se se menuva (lyrics in Macedonian)

Connect direct with Jova Radevska at JovaRadevska.Com
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