Indo Soul - Sandhy Sondoro - Live at the Java Jazz Festival

Several years back, caught up with Indonesian artist, Sandy Sondoro and immediately connected with his brand of soulful crooning and songwriting. Hope you enjoy these handpicked videos. Peace Love Groove - GC

Sandhy Sondoro - Anak Jalanan (Live at Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta Indonesia - March 4, 2012)
This song is in the Indonesian language, but the groove and feel is universal.

Sandhy Sondoro - You And I (English Lyrics)

Sandy Sondoro - Superstar (Live on Indonesian TV) (ENGLISH LYRICS)
This is a great song written by Sandhy and the way he performs it, raw and unplugged, shows how he can deliver the goods without any pomp or circumstance. A true soul cat.

Sandhy Sondoro - Why Don't We (Official Music Video)
Great song written Sandoro and a great video concept.

Sandhy Sondoro - Forever My Queen (Live on Indonesian TV)
This performance shows a side of Sondoro that reminds me of John Mellencamp a bit.

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