The New Zealand recording artist, Kimbra, sold out her upcoming April 17th Troubador show in something like 3 seconds. She has really got something big going on, yet it is surprising at how many people have not yet heard of her. Unfortunately, we were amongst those who tried buying tickets to that Troubadore show in Hollywood, but missed out by a split second.

Just below are seven handpicked music videos of Kimbra. Enjoy!

Kimbra - Plain Gold Ring (Nina Simone) - Live at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne AU

Kimbra - Settle Down=

Kimbra - Good Intent

Kimbra - "Cameo Lover" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Kimbra - A Mashup of "Two Weeks - Head Over Heels"

and next is a great well known collaboration between Gotye and Kimbra.

Gotye featuring Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

Kimbra - "Two Way Street" (Live at Sing Sing Studios)

Connect direct with Kimbra at KimbraMusic.Com,,, and

Connect direct with Gotye at Gotye.Com